Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From Hating to Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

      Tom never enjoyed Thanksgiving. He hated most of his family, and dreaded the couple of days every year that he is forced by his parents to spend with them. This year, his grandparents were hosting the dinner.

       While everyone was socializing downstairs, Tom stayed in the guest room alone bouncing a ball against the wall. Now Tom isn't the best shot in the world, so he wasn't surprised when the missed wall and hit the dresser's side instead. The ball bounced into the closet. He got up and looked in the closet. has he looked for the ball, He encountered a book. He deserted the attempting to find the ball, and believed that reading would be a better waste of time. He laid down in the bed, and opened the book. He recognizes this as Norwegian, for his grand parents were immigrants from Norway. He amused himself by opening to a random page, and read the first line of text he could see.

       What he didn't know was that the spell he just read was a spell for him to become a obedient servant! His body started to morph. His chest was getting bigger, his waist smaller. His hair on his head grew has all of his body hair disappeared. All of his clothes disappeared and in its place were a bra and panties. Only one thing came to Trixy's mind, and that was to serve. She walked downstairs, put on an apron and started to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Doesn't Always Go Has Planned

"Shit", silently said Will, realizing his phone is nowhere to be seen.

Lets just say all the light Will planned on getting this summer was from a screen. He spent spring collecting video games, TV shows and movies for his summer vacation. almost a month, he gained about 10 pounds and was pale has a vampire. 

This is when Will got a mysterious text from a anonymous number. the message only contained a link. Will was confused, so he clicked the link. It brought him to the app store, with "Ultimate App" Displayed on the screen. after reading the description, he laughed. "An app that can change your life? No way," Will thought to himself. He Then decided to download it, for laughing purposes only. The app contained a many slides and options that he could change. Will then attempted to make his perfect looking woman, and continued to laugh at the app. When he was all done, he selected the "Location" setting, put in beach and clicked apply. Will then dropped to the ground, fast asleep. 

He awoke on the beach, but more surprisingly, has the woman he created. He got on his knees and started to admire his new perfect body. Will then noticed something was missing, his phone, the only thing that could change him back.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Challenge Accepted

Clark looked up,"Who's there?." No reply.
      Clark was the kind of guy who liked to go off the beaten bath. He would always take any challenge he was given. one day, when Clark was talking about all of his adventures, one of his friends, James, spoke out. "Clark I got a challenge for you," he said with a chuckle,"Try this out." He handed clark a piece of paper with an URL printed on it. Clark replied with the Stinson, " Challenge accepted."
     Once Clark got home, he grabbed his computer, sat down and started to type in the URL. It brought him to a strange website that only had one button on it labeled, "SCAN." Clark clicked the button, and the camera flash went off. A model of his body appeared on the screen. He soon noticed that he could manipulate the body to his likings. He changed the race to Caucasian, and the body became asian. He changed the models hair color from  brunette to blonde and lightened the skin tone. Finally he changed the gender, and the model turned female.
     Suddenly a blinking button appeared on the screen with the work "APPLY?" on it. Has he clicked it, he felt a shiver go down his spine. His body started to morph. Heck even his clothes started to morph. He was turning into the model on the screen. after all the changes were done, there was a knock at his door. man bursted in, running over to Clark and broke his computer in half. The man was James. "Hello, Cece," He said, addressing Clark.

Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th Be With You

  "Got the figure down, now for the hair,"  Declan said while pressing some buttons on the magic remote. Victor could only look and feel his new changes, and they felt good.

  Has May 4th came along, the two best friends, and huge star wars fans, didn't know how to celebrate this awesome holiday. they had ideas about buying some small cosplay stuff, like chewy's satchel or Luke's lightsaber, but nothing seemed interesting, that is until today. Victor was just relaxing on his couch, watching some tv, when Declan ran threw the front door calling for Victor, babbling on about some magic remote.

  once Declan calmed down, he showed Victor his new device. "This remote is magic," explained Declan, "it could change anyone's appearance or mental state!" "How did you find it?" replied Victor. "It was just sitting on a bench near the park, you know the one i pass coming home from school everyday?". Victor knew the bench, but it was always occupied when he walked passed it. He wondered how Declan, out of all people, found it. "alright be careful with tha-". He froze. He looked at Declan, with is finger on the freeze button."Alright lets see what this baby can do." Declan started to press buttons.

Once he was done, Victor was now an exact replica of Slave Leia, and right after he was unfrozen, Victor grabbed the remote from Declan. Not realizing his hands were smaller, he dropped the remote. It crashed on the ground and exploded into a million of pieces."Oh shit", said Declan, slightly giggling. The new Viki tried to pick up the pieces and put it back together, but it just crumbled in her hands.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Keep an eye on the Medallion of Zulo

"Damn, look at these legs." Rick said while exploring his new body. After Rick found the medallion of Zulo, His new favorite hobby was going to thrift stores, like any normal person. What he looked for, however,was not like a normal person. he looked for articles of clothing that was likely to be worn by someone who had an interesting body. whenever Rick was traveling, he would always stop at any thrift store he could spot. He would usually purchase the item, go back to where he was staying, and then use the medallion to change into the former wearer usually for 12 hours, because then he would be able to change back. Rick has changed into basketball players, Bouncers, and old dude (that was a mistake), midgets, and once a  cosplayer dressing has batman. This time just added to his weird changes. When at his local Thrift shop, he found a new dress that wasn't there the last time he visited. It was a deep black latex dress, boots and gloves. Rick could barely hold in his excitement. After paying only 20 bucks, and having some disgusted looks, Rick got back to his house, took out the medallion and touched it to the dress. His body started to reshape. His hair started to grow out and change blue, he got taller, thiner and paler. Once the dress was on, he started to examen himself. Rick got lost in his own trail of thought, Thinking about what he could do with this body, that he misplaced the medallion! After a thorough search that lasted for hours, he gave up and tried to accept that the medallion is missing. Without having the medallion to be able to change back, or any license in this new body, Karly didn't know what to do.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Witches do Exist

"Maybe Witches do exist," Clyde Proclaimed.
Clyde used to be a teenage "skater-type' boy from manhattan; Now he is a gothic-like girl. It all started when Clyde was riding around the city, minding his own business, when he accidentally hit an old woman, nocking both the woman and himself down. Clyde got up quickly, and went to go help the woman, but she waved him off. "I'm really sorry m'am," said Clyde. "You should be!" replied the woman," You should respect witches like me!" Clyde, who didn't believe in witchcraft, thought that the remark was meant to scare him. "Look i'm really sorry lady," he responded while running off.
  Once Clyde got home, he felt really tired and just collapsed on his bed. Once he woke, he realize that he wasn't in his room anymore, or that he wasn't himself anymore! The new Clyde got up quickly and looked in the mirror to discover that his new form was a goth-like female with bright blue hair!
The new Chanel discovered that Witches really do exist!