Wednesday, November 25, 2015

From Hating to Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner

      Tom never enjoyed Thanksgiving. He hated most of his family, and dreaded the couple of days every year that he is forced by his parents to spend with them. This year, his grandparents were hosting the dinner.

       While everyone was socializing downstairs, Tom stayed in the guest room alone bouncing a ball against the wall. Now Tom isn't the best shot in the world, so he wasn't surprised when the missed wall and hit the dresser's side instead. The ball bounced into the closet. He got up and looked in the closet. has he looked for the ball, He encountered a book. He deserted the attempting to find the ball, and believed that reading would be a better waste of time. He laid down in the bed, and opened the book. He recognizes this as Norwegian, for his grand parents were immigrants from Norway. He amused himself by opening to a random page, and read the first line of text he could see.

       What he didn't know was that the spell he just read was a spell for him to become a obedient servant! His body started to morph. His chest was getting bigger, his waist smaller. His hair on his head grew has all of his body hair disappeared. All of his clothes disappeared and in its place were a bra and panties. Only one thing came to Trixy's mind, and that was to serve. She walked downstairs, put on an apron and started to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

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